Why Andrew Garfield is sorta disappointed he got the Spidey gig

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Dec 16, 2012

When word broke that indie movie up-and-comer Andrew Garfield had been cast as Spider-Man in the upcoming film reboot, the fan reaction was admittedly mixed. Turns out Garfield, who is a huge Spidey fan himself, wasn't too psyched about the move either.

In an interview with MTV News, Garfield talked about the pressure of playing one of his favorite comic book characters—and even though he's the man now, he still doesn't feel worthy.

"It's a huge responsibility for me to be in that suit and to take on the mantle from a fantastic actor previously and from fantastic artists and writers and ultimately Stan Lee. That's where it came from," he told MTV. "I feel lucky and unlucky that I'm a fan first. That's what I am, I'm a Spider-Man fan at my core. I feel lucky in the sense that I feel like I know Peter Parker, because I grew up with him. I feel unlucky in the sense of how disappointed I am that I'm playing him. I don't mean that in a self-deprecating [way]. No actor could ever live up to the character for me, and that's weird to say, because I'm the actor playing this particular incarnation, I can't wait for another actor to take it on so I can judge."

Knowing how most fans embraced Tobey Maguire in Sam Raimi's trilogy, Garfield said it's been an intense shoot to try to find his own take on the character.

"It's always the same. It's always a [level] 10 inside," he said. "It's just a question of whether you acknowledge it or try to ignore it or try to suppress it, or try to pretend like it's not there or act like you don't care. I'm at a 10 constantly."

It's nice to see that Garfield is taking the task seriously, and the early trailers at least show his take on the character isn't as "emo" as fans had originally feared. The new film seems to have a different, grittier feel, which can't hurt Garfield's effort to make the role his own.

If you think about it, Garfield's casting is almost like history repeating itself. Back in the early 2000s, when Maguire was cast in the Spidey role, his resume included some quirky, small indie films—similar to Garfield's background. Here's hoping this move works out as well as the last.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3.

(via MTV News)