Why Chris Evans is NOT looking forward to Captain America 2

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Dec 17, 2012

Filming for the Captain America sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, will be getting underway next March, but our Super Soldier himself, actor Chris Evans, is really, absolutely, NOT looking forward to it. In fact, he's dreading it. Question is: Why?

While promoting his new film The Iceman at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, Evans spoke to CBM about getting ready for the sequel to last year's smash hit Captain America.

So why is he dreading filming Captain America 2? Well, it's not so much about filming the movie itself, but rather about what comes before filming begins. Here's what Evans said:

I'm dreading it (the physical transformation), this is what I keep thinking. We start Cap 2 in March so come January I have to get back into that routine. All I'm thinking about is the future movies, like 'god, how am I going to keep getting big', it's such a chore. I hate to admit it but it's not easy (laughs). It's months and months of lifting heavy stuff and...not looking forward to it. But, it's worth it because I am happy with the movies and I do love the character so come January, my life is going to be different. It's such a commitment, top-to-bottom, its not just lifting, sleep is important, your diet is important. It's a complete commitment but what am I saying, it's good problems to have. "Ugh, it's just so difficult, I'd much rather be in the coal mines" (laughs).

If you guys will recall from the first movie, the actor really got into a pretty buff shape for the role of Steve Rogers (exhibit A: image above), beefing up quite sizably in order to be believable as a Super Soldier and wear the red-white-and-blue costume of our good ol' Cap—thus becoming a very serious piece of man candy for female viewers everywhere (and for Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter).

But hey! You won't hear us complaining about that. We know working out is hard, but we'll be gladly looking out for a buff Chris Evans back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier again come April 4, 2014. Will you?

(via Comic Book Movie)