Why did Neil Gaiman move to the U.S.? It was the books!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

We've never been to Neil Gaiman's house (well, not since that unfortunate restraining order incident, which we don't plan to go into right now), but reporter Serena Altschul got inside for a segment that ran Oscar day on CBS Sunday Morning. The piece was timed to take advantage of the buzz surrounding Coraline's nomination for Best Animated Feature Film, an award which of course went to Up, but even so, there's still plenty of fascinating info here about the author of The Graveyard Book.

Click below to get a tour of Gaiman's home—and library, which Altschul referred to as his "basement dungeon"—and you'll understand why he told her, "People say, 'Why did you move to America?' And honestly, I needed somewhere to put the books."

While we have to admit this was one of the least biased network reports we've seen on SF or fantasy, after a few minutes focused on "well-behaved librarians," you'll see footage from last year's Montreal Worldcon that manages to include a montage of fans in a propellor beanie, a Star Trek uniform, a belly dancer's outfit, what looks like a Cthulhu hat and Klingon makeup.

Not that there's anything wrong with costumes—we've been known to play dress-up on occasion ourselves—but these near-mandatory images of us zany sci-fi fans have become a reporting cliche by now, don't you think?

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