Why director Joss Whedon did his own crazy stunt on The Avengers

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Dec 15, 2012

We're all for film directors who are fully dedicated to the movies they're making. But when that dedication extends as far as Joss Whedon—the mastermind behind Buffy, Angel and Firefly—doing his own crazy stunt while directing Robert Downey Jr. on the set of The Avengers, we're thinking he's either crazy or truly dedicated to making the best film he can. Either way, we're impressed.

And so was British actor Tom Hiddleston, who plays Thor and Avengers villain and all-round prince of lies Loki, who also revealed some interesting Whedon quirks in an interview that was conducted with L.A. Times' Hero Complex, back when the Marvel superhero movie was filming in New Mexico:

"The brain power is astonishing and he's always giggling about something. He has this intermittently generous and supportive side as a director but I also think as an artist he has a really dark sense of humor. He kept telling me how much fun he had writing Loki. He steps inside the villains in a way that he doesn't with the heroes."

Then Hiddleston goes on to talk about that little stunt Joss Whedon did on set :

"Joss gets really excited, I love hearing him giggle from behind the monitor. Almost like he's hiding behind his own giggles. He's lost a lot of weight during this film. There was one scene where Robert Downey Jr. has to fall to floor and we were trying to work out how to do the film and trying to work out how extreme it should be and Joss came over and said, 'I think it should be like this,' and he just hurled himself at the floor headfirst. I was like, 'Buddy, are you OK? We could pad you up before you do that!' But he went up in my estimation after that."

Yep. De-di-ca-tion, people. (Or maybe he was just trying to impress Scarlett Johansson. But if you're wondering what scene Downey was filming, Comic Book Movie thinks it's part of a sequence that was seen in the trailer where Tony Stark has a brawl with Loki, which then leads to one of them being thrown out of a window.) But Whedon can now add another notch to his director-writer-mastermind belt: that of stuntman. What do you think of Joss Whedon now, people?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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