Why haven't you seen Walking Dead yet? It's Brett Favre's fault

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Dec 14, 2012

As if Brett Favre wasn't in enough trouble for emailing inappropriate photos of himself that we're glad we never got a chance to see. It turns out the quarterback is responsible for us all having to wait until Halloween for the premiere of The Walking Dead when we should have been able to watch it last weekend.

What happened? Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comic book and the executive producer of the TV series, explains:

"Our original launch date was the the Sunday before. It's launched with [Fear Fest], so they were actually going to launch it at the end of the first week and then show the second episode on Halloween night, so you'd get two episodes during [Fear Fest]. But that guy—I don't know who he is, Brett Favre-something—is playing the Green Bay Packers on Sunday and apparently he used to play for that team, so it's like a big deal or something.

"They didn't want to be up against that football game. So we got bumped for a football game ... which again is a really smart move because I hear that thing is a ratings magnet and there'd be a lot of zombie fans that are watching that. I thought that was fascinating. I was like, 'Really? We're moving?' ... But Halloween night makes a lot more sense."

Check out the complete interview below.

As much as we prefer the symbolism of the Halloween debut date, is there that much of a zombie/football crossover audience that the change was absolutely necessary?

What do you think?

(via MTV)

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