Why J.J. Abrams doesn't sweat Star Trek details—plus a tiny spoiler!

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

In one of his first long interviews on his upcoming Star Trek movie, director J.J. Abrams reiterated to the Los Angeles Times that he's going to remain true to the spirit of the franchise, if not all of its details. And he promised a couple of surprises (minor spoilers ahead).

Following are some quotes from the two-part Q&A, which will appear on the Times blog today and tomorrow.

"The trick is how do you use a ship like that, uniforms like that, characters who look like that and the name Star Trek and make it feel relevant and legitimate. The challenge is to take the familiar—for better or worse—and embrace the elements that make it unique but be sure the master you're serving is the making of the most entertaining movie possible. You can't look backward and try to make sure that every decision you're making is true to the past. That's not to say that we weren't true to the past, but that wasn't our guiding principle."

"The movie at its core is not only inspired by what has come before, it's deeply true to what's come before. The bottom line is we have different actors playing these parts, and from that point on it's literally not what they've seen before. It will be evident when people see this movie that it is true to what [creator Gene] Roddenberry created and what those amazing actors did in the 1960s. At the same time, I think, it's going to blow people's minds, because it's a completely different experience than what they expect."

"There is a tribble in there. But you have to look for it. And there's that other surprise I told you about, but please don't write about that one."

Star Trek opens May 8.