Why Kenneth Branagh is the right director for Thor after all

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Dec 14, 2012

When you think Kenneth Branagh, you think, "British Shakespearean actor and director who was inexplicably given the job of directing Thor." In this 3-minute behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming superhero film, you'll (briefly) see why Branagh was a decent choice.

Much of this mini-documentary was dedicated to the hard, heartbreaking work of the construction crew, who spent months of their lives building a town from the ground up, only to see the Asgardian menace blow it up. (In fact, Jaimie Alexander, who plays the goddess Sif, admitted she teared up every time they set something on fire.)

But we also get a real look at Branagh's motivation:

Trying to find the combination of the passion and guts and the spectacle of Thor with the human dynamic, that's the thrill.

Thor is a god who had has powers taken away. Shakespeare frequently wrote about kings and princes who were struggling with flaws and weaknesses. Perhaps giving Thor to a Royal Shakespearean Company-trained actor-turned-director isn't a bad idea after all.

Take a look at the clip here.

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