Why Kevin Smith said no to writing one of those Watchmen prequels

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Dec 16, 2012

The fans aren't the only ones still talking about DC Comics' controversial decision to release a set of prequels to Watchmen. Comics creators are still talking about it too, and some still don't see the point.

Take filmmaker, comics writer and all-around geek Kevin Smith, who says he got an offer to work on Before Watchmen and turned it down for one very simple reason.

Smith's name was one that kept popping up among comic fans back when Before Watchmen was just a rumor, but his name didn't appear on the list of writers in Wednesday's official announcement. Because the rumors were so persistent, Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston asked Smith if he had ever even been approached about the project, and if so how he responded.

Here's Smith's answer:

"Talked to Jim [Lee] and Dan [DiDio] about it two years ago. Only passed because I'm not Alan Moore, sadly. If I was Alan Moore, I'd be all over it. As Kevin Smith, I'd likely just make Bubastis "big pussy" jokes and have Rorschach wet himself. Hurm."

That's the joke answer, of course, but it includes a rather obvious declaration of respect for Moore's creation, a sentiment that legions of comics fans and fellow creators have been echoing ever since rumors of this project started swirling. If Smith is right, he had a chance to work on the biggest comics project of his career and he turned it down.

Some people might call that dumb; we call it fandom.

(via Bleeding Cool)