Why Matt Smith is like Frankenstein's junior HS project—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Below you'll find a week's worth of stories (hot stories!) and best comments (you wrote some words, we read 'em!), piled high like a wonderful sci-fi sandwich. And yes, there is a bit of cheese. To say nothing of cheesecake. (Be mindful of the borderline NSFW cosplayers from Comic-Con. We don't want you to get fired from your dayjob!)


Our story: 26 sexy, amazing and goofy costumes from Comic-Cons past

Your best comment: You should have called "Eye Patch Girl" by her proper name that they use on The Venture Brothers: Molotov Cocktease! (But that last bit might be a bit much for BlastrFiWire.) — GeekboyATL

Our story: Image of the Day: English model tries out new Slave Leia bikini

Your best comment: "Kelly Brook, presented without comment." What?!? You good folks at Blastr do not have ANY comment about this picture? Are we looking at this same photo? Not even an "OMG" or "Shazam" in the title? Someone needs to check on the Blastr staff to see if they are alive or just a group of zombies who enjoy sci-fi. — SpoonHead

Our story: First look at Ryan Reynolds in his Green Lantern costume!

Your best comment: "It's not bad, but I'm hoping that it's an early version. I'd still love to see the traditional lantern costume. Let's face it, their only chance on having a hit here is to follow the Iron Man model and make this a big action movie with Green Lantern as a centerpiece. If they follow the Superman Returns model, then I think DC can pretty much put all their properties on the shelf and walk away. No one wants all the 'emo' junk, give me a big action movie with a great story and you can put butts in seats...not just nerb butts!!! — Brian Morton

Our story: Comic-Con protesters get owned by Comic-Con fans

Your best comment: if they show up at dragoncon, it won't be as pretty. — mark

Our story: British tabloid says Matt Smith plans to leave Doctor Who

Your best comment: I rather enjoy Smith, even though some angles make him look like Frankenstein's junior high science project. He's a refreshing change from Tennant's ADD (but I liked him, too).

Two great suggestinos in this string, though: Hugo Weaving and Simon Pegg. Weaving in particular would raise the bar. Maybe even too far. But I'd like to see. — Oberon

Our story: 14 things you might not know about Star Trek

Your best comment: The bit about Geordi's VISOR being a modified car air filter is inexcusable. Did this guy miss the 847 times it was pointed out that it was a modified banana clip that Mike Okuda brought in, after they'd spent an embarassing amount of time and money trying to come up with something that didn't look like futuristic sunglasses? — Bob

Our story: Who and what killed Ghostbusters 3? Bill Murray names names

Your best comment: At this point and time, I don't think it's possible to make a movie with the original cast. I would love it, it would be awesome. But at their age, studios now have another reason not to want to make a 3rd. However, to be realistic, I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to remake/reboot the original. — REDante

Our story: New full-length Tron: Legacy trailer will blow your mind

Your best comment: Its almost like the first Matrix movie had an 0rgasm on an old Tron VHS, and this is the offspring— Space

Our story: Every Doctor Who villain since 1963

Your best comment: I also noticed that some of these are inflated because of the old 25 minute episode format. For example, Mavic Chen was the villian in 12 episodes, except he only appeared in a few of the 12, and those 12 were all one storyline, "The Daleks Master Plan" So he really was only a one-shot sideshow villain, a politician gone bad. The Nestenes/Autons were major villains in 3 complete stories, yet only have 11 episodes. — Andrew VH

Our story: That Stargate Universe/Stargate Atlantis crossover is GO!

Your best comment: "Which Atlantis actors do you THINK will be popping up on SGU?"

I think it'll be David Hewlett and Jewel Staite. The SG writers have said multiple times over the years how much they loved McKay and Keller, and how hard it was for them to write for Teyla, Ronon and Sheppard. Which refleted on the show. These characters were wallpapered in the show, especially Shep and Teyla in season 5. Strange, considering that Shep was played by the lead actor of the show.

"Which Atlantis actors do you HOPE will be popping up on SGU?"
None. Haven't watched SGU so far, I have no interest in watching it. I don't want SGA characters on a show they don't belong to.

I want more Joe Flanigan on my screen, but not on SGU. I want a NEW show with Joe Flanigan playing the lead role. Pretty, please. — Lily

Our story: Astronomer explains why you'll probably never meet an alien

Your best comment: If a race could travel between stars it stands to reason:
1) that race would never go extinct, being able to colonize new planets as required
2) by virtue of have unlimited existence they would colonize their own galaxy to the maximum amount possible
If 1 and 2 are true, then we should ask: how could such a society alter its galaxy such that we can see its affect from earth?
And, contrary to the author's belief, the society would last millions or billions of years, leaving us plenty of time to notice their affect.
We just need to decide what galactic affects we should be looking for.
— RaptorRex