Why Megan Fox is unapologetic about Jennifer's Body

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

The horror comedy Jennifer's Body stars Megan Fox as a possessed high school girl who devours her male classmates. Fox talks nasty, gets bloodied up and even vomits black goo in screenwriter Diablo Cody's homage to high-school horror movies, but Fox promised she wouldn't totally give up her sex appeal in the grisly film.

"Oh, this movie gets so sexy," Fox said at a press conference last week in San Diego. "You better put on your f--king sexy shoes for this movie."

To entice her fans, Fox described the film's dalliance with girl-on-girl action. "There's a relationship between my character and Amanda [Seyfried]'s character that is, I mean, I guess depending on who you are, it's either a common relationship that you grew up with or not, but there's sort of a hint of a little bit of a lesbian relationship that happens. There's a girl-on-girl kiss. I feel like it's an homage to that, but we poke fun at how common that is in horror movies."

Also, the very premise requires Fox to turn on her charms. While most men would still likely volunteer for mutilation just for a night with Fox, the film operates on the premise that Jennifer has to lure her victims into vulnerable positions. "Before every kill, there is a seduction that occurs," she said. "These boys have to be seduced into getting close enough to this dead girl for her to devour them. So I think I'm pretty sexy in the movie."

Even with sex appeal, Jennifer's Body will show a different side of Fox. She has hinted that perhaps her other films did not exploit her full range of abilities. "Oh, you mean from Transformers?" she said. "How are they different? Well, obviously there's no distractions. There's no robots to distract you from whatever performance I do give."

At least Fox owned up to her full responsibility for her work in Body. "So if it's terrible, you're going to f--king know that it's really terrible," she said of her acting. "That, of course, is intimidating, but I think the character was so much fun for me. I wasn't sure what I was doing. I was just trying to have fun with it. I sort of felt like I was being able to make fun of my own image, sort of, to how some people might perceive 'Megan Fox' to be. I was just flying freely, and I hope some of it worked."

Jennifer is a pretty foul-mouthed flirt before she goes psycho, let alone after. "What I loved about the movie is it's so unapologetic and how completely inappropriate it is at all times," Fox said. "That was my favorite part about the script and about the character. It's fun to be able to say the s--t that she got to say and get away with it and have people find it charming."

As for getting icky, there are not one but two vomit scenes in Jennifer's Body. First, she unloads on best friend Needy (Seyfried) in the first reveal that something is not quite right with young Jennifer. "You revisit it in the pool scene," she said. "It happens again later in the movie. Special effects did a rig that clamps onto my ear. It goes around the back of my ear, and then I bite down on it on the side of my face. It projectiles, it's a tube, it projects whatever that material was. It was pretty intense. I think it was worse for Amanda, because she's the one that got puked on. I was the one doing the puking."

Jennifer's Body opens Sept. 18.