Why Moffat was so shocked when Sherlock was named top UK series

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

For the man best known as the mastermind behind Doctor Who, Steven Moffat's side gig Sherlock is quickly becoming an even larger part of his reputation—and now it's getting even more acclaim than the Doctor himself. So why is Moffat so surprised by all the Sherlock love?

Because he didn't make the show to be a hit. Instead, he made it for himself and co-creator Mark Gattis, just because they thought it'd be fun. The modern-day detective series was just named the U.K.'s best of 2012 by Radio Times, and Moffat said he is still in shock that so many people have connected with his personal pet project.

He told Radio Times:

"Mark and I always thought this was our vanity project. The one we could get away with, because of everything else. For it to become such a massive hit, with all the reviews and awards you could wish for, has been the best and the biggest surprise.

Of course it's all down to the astonishing cast led by those mighty film stars, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch."

Since Sherlock debuted on the BBC in 2010, both Freeman (The Hobbit) and Cumberbatch (Star Trek Into Darkness, The Hobbit) have become bona fide stars, though both say they still plan to carve out enough time to shoot a third season of the hit series.

But what about Moffat's other series? Doctor Who dropped all the way to 15th in 2012, after coming in at 8th last year. Oh well, at least Moffat still has one series rocking the top of the chart.

What do you think? Does Sherlock deserve all this acclaim?

(Via Radio Times)