Why Rambo 5 SHOULD be a sci-fi epic

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

News broke on Friday that Sylvester Stallone was abandoning a sci-fi premise for his upcoming fifth Rambo movie, which would have been the logical evolution of the ultraviolent action franchise.

To which we say, aw, heck.

Stallone reportedly envisioned a story in which his alienated veteran character would have led a squad of commandoes into a secret military base to hunt a monster from a secret military project that went awry. The movie was to be based on James Byron Higgins' novel Hunter, to which Stallone owns the rights, according to the U.K. Press Association.

Instead, the fifth movie will involve a hostage rescue in Mexico.

We think Rambo should make the jump to sci-fi. For one thing, most of his previous adventures (after the first, relatively realistic one) involved superhuman feats of heroism and/or carnage that practically qualify the character as a sci-fi creation: all-powerful, impervious to pain or harm, invincible.

For another, Rambo's single-handed resolution of such real-world political issues as the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the military takeover of Burma rank as pure fantasy.

Lastly, we think it's past time that Rambo joined the ranks of such characters as Dutch (from Predator) and Sarge (from Doom): improbably muscled military guys for whom the only worthy adversary is a scaly razor-toothed behemoth or an army of ravenous zombies.

What do you think?

Rambo 5 is supposed to start in the spring.

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