Why Tarsem Singh is 'really angry' about Mirror Mirror's trailers

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

Immortals director Tarsem Singh—who's well known for his visual style (also see The Cell and The Fall)—is really angry about all those Mirror Mirror trailers. Really, really angry. And here's why.

"I'm really angry at the trailers," the director told Digital Spy. "I'm a director, I guess, so I always get pissed at them! The movie looks fantastic and the trailers look so hammily off.

"The posters are okay, they're still neutral, but we're trying to get the film out there so people don't judge it by the trailer."

We have to agree with Singh here, since from the trailers we've seen so far, Mirror Mirror—which stars Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and Lily Collins as Snow White—appears far more farcical and comical (Singh admits his film is more geared for family viewing) than the other film it's really in competition with—the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman—which looks, let's face it, kinda awesomer.

Singh also admits that he doesn't have any real control over how the trailers are cut: "I backed away from it a bit. I fought that fight on Immortals and I found that I was taking my eye off the movie. I said I'll fight for the movie, but marketing can fight for how you want to sell it."

With Snow White and the Huntsman's opening slated for June 1, Mirror Mirror will open ahead of the grittier, darker take on the Brothers Grimm's famous fairy tale on March 30. "That was the only way we could go. They could probably afford to go second; we couldn't afford it—they're close to double our budget."

Have a look at one of the Mirror Mirror trailers:

What do you think? Do you agree with Tarsem Singh's anger at the Mirror Mirror trailers?

(via Digital Spy)