Why that Dr. Who/Sherlock crossover will NEVER happen

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Dec 14, 2012

If you (like us) have been dreaming of a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover, well, those dreams have been crushed under Steven Moffat's heel—because the showrunner of the two popular series has ruled out any possibility of that ever happening.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, in which Moffat talks about Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol (which will air Christmas Day on both sides of the pond), Moffat spoke about the crossover he admits fans constantly ask him about:

I think everyone who's passing me in the streets is suggesting that at the moment. I think there are problems of doing that, because then you would say that Sherlock Holmes lives in the same world as the Doctor, and there are Daleks and all sorts of things. If a Sherlock Holmes story depends on time travel being impossible, it's quite hard if he's a personal friend of the Doctor's, isn't it?

Although the idea of a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover would be quite awesome, in practice Moffat is right in saying that there would be problems in making both Sherlock Holmes, played by the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch, and the Doctor, played by the no-less-fantastic Matt Smith, co-habit the same universe. Sherlock is deeply rooted in reality (all right—MOSTLY rooted in reality), whereas Doctor Who is a pure fantasy/sci-fi series in which basically anything (especially stuff of a timey-wimey nature) can happen.

So, the next best thing that could possibly happen would be to have Benedict Cumberbatch guest-star on Doctor Who. Keeping our fingers crossed on this one.

Are you disappointed that Steven Moffat doesn't plan to go ahead with a crossover between the two very popular series? Or do you agree with him?

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