Why the next Resident Evil movie might be the last Resident Evil movie

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Dec 16, 2012

Will the Resident Evil films have the same longevity as the videogames? At this year's WonderCon, director Paul W.S. Anderson and series heroine Milla Jovovich revealed that the end is near for Alice and her zombie-fighting gang.

At the panel for Resident Evil: Retribution, a fan asked Jovovich about Alice's future adventures. The actress replied, "We don't even know if we're going to make another one. It's one of those things where it's great conceptually to think about this being the ending."

She continued, "It's not like Resident Evil is a movie that you know comes out on this date every year. It could be two years. It could be three years. It all depends on when Paul's inspired to write a script."

Speaking of Mr. Anderson, his outlook on the series is more resolute. He proclaimed, "This is very much the beginning of the end. This movie sets up what we hope will be a spectacular finale where a lot of people will die and there will be a lot of blood spilled."

Anderson's exit wouldn't necessarily spell the end of the franchise. If Retribution makes a ton a money, the studio could easily hire another creative team to keep it going. It's called a reboot (we're looking at you, Spider-Man).

Resident Evil: Retribution opens in theaters Sept. 14.

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