Why True Blood's creators won't allow a Snoop Dogg cameo

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

If you've been holding your breath ever since the release of that Snoop Dogg music video tribute to Sookie Stackhouse in hopes (or fear) that you'd get to see the rapper on True Blood, you can breathe now, because we have the answer—Snoop WON'T be making an appearance. And the reason might surprise you.

Here's what Sam Trammell—who plays shifter and bar owner Sam Merlotte on the series—had to say while he was making an appearance at Bitten, the very first True Blood convention in the U.K., held in Northampton over the weekend.

"Apparently Snoop has wanted to be on the show from the beginning,'' Trammell said to the 250 convention attendees, ''but I don't think Alan Ball is going to let that happen. Having such a high-profile person appear in the show, I think it would take us all out of Bon Temps. He doesn't need to cast Snoop Dogg to get people to watch."

But he also added : ''We're glad he watches and likes the show, though.''

We can't help but agree with Trammell's comment—and so did his co-star Kristin Bauer, who plays vamp extraordinaire Pam on the series. She chimed in to add: ''A lot of times on TV, when ratings dip they go for stunt casting. It's not a good thing, and we definitely don't need that yet."

And based on the critical reception to season three so far, she's right.

If you haven't seen that famous (or infamous, depending on how you view it) Snoop Dogg music video tribute to Sookie Stackhouse yet, check it out below.

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