Why you wish Ellen Page was your girlfriend—and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

It's cold outside. (One might even be tempted to say, "Winter is coming.") Please spark a fire by rubbing together the Hottest Stories against its Best Comments. The conversations here at Blastr heated up this week on topics ranging from the new V pics to "bad" sci-fi book covers to steampunked superheroes to a new Yamato to Kevin Bacon, Ellen Page, Joss Whedon and a (possibly) gay Jack Sparrow.

Our story: 20 Marvel and DC superheroes reimagined steampunk-style

Your best comment: Oh excuse me. But didn't Gotham by Gaslight do pretty much the same thing and much better it seems. — Grover

Our story: 51 stunning promo pics from V's upcoming 2nd season

Your best comment: Like others have said, the only stunning thing about these photos is how stunning they AREN'T. In fact, the only stunning thing here is that none of these photos show the one person we're all curious to see: Jane Badler. THAT would have been stunning.

Blastr/Syfy/whatever, pull your collective head out and knock off the hyperbole. Save it for when it's warranted, not for a collection of mediocre publicity shots that look like they were taken by a high school photography club... at the START of the school year. — MJPollard

Our story: 275 of the most amazingly bad sci-fi book covers ever published

Your best comment: These covers are a sign of the times in which they were created. One can always look back at what has come before and scoff, but that is a shallow and disingenuous position of the talentless. If you can't see these through the lens of the time of their creation, your comments are meaningless. Just like the habit of VH1 to do the "best of..." lists of times gone by and having pseudo celebrities make disparaging comments on the dress and hair, a vapid premise for a vapid audience. — RJP

Our story: 9 brand-new Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol pics

Your best comment: Really looking forward to this - the sets and lighting look fantastic. Haven't enjoyed a Christmas special since Runaway Bride - in fact, all of the last Tenant special were pretty bad except Waters of Mars - but I think this will be the highlight of the festive season for me. — Pixel

Our story: 10 unexpectedly funny episodes of classic sci-fi TV dramas

Your best comment: That must have been difficult to choose just one scene from Babylon 5. There were so many funny moments on that show, but I think blastr picked one of the best. It's because of little scenes like this, that made G'kar my favorite character on the show. The late Andreas Katsulas was such a great actor. — John

Our story: Watch 1st two minutes of new live-action Space Battleship Yamato

Your best comment: I wish the US would make a movie like this instead of yet another re-make/re-launch of Superman/Batman/Star Trek 10/11/12 whatever they are on. Who wouldn't want to see Robotech get this kind of treatment? Transformers already showed us that even a horribly written movie like that has a huge fan-base. You've already got a good plot, throw some 'mechs in there and you're done. No, they are releasing Scream 4 and Saw 9. — Ric

Our story: 1st look at Kevin Bacon and Ellen Page in James Gunn's Super

Your best comment: Ellen Page is that kind of girl you wish was your girlfriend in your 20's, who says funny quirky things when you're doing "it", who looks good drinking coffee on a Sunday morning cloudy light, who loves second hand stores and looks for obscure 80's toys and who'll hold your hand at a club even if everyone's dancing to some post-punk electronic trip-hoppy band from Sweden playing... — toby

Our story: Latest Hobbit troubles: Actress accuses production of racism

Your best comment: I don't think it has anything to do with racism and EVERYTHING to do with people having absolutely no ability to imagine anything other than an extension of their present. This whole thread is an argument about an "imaginary" world, with "imaginary" characters and yet you argue the validity of it's criterion like someone just questioned the rules of gravity.

Jesus! Both sides are right. No... Tolkien didn't write it that way. And yes, it's a shame that 60 years later, some people still can't see the long-term social benefits of having a more inclusive depiction of our society in Hollywood.

Please... grow up people. There's a whole world out there seriously devoid of common sense. Try filling some of the gaps, instead of widening them. — Haiden

Our story: TV THIS WEEK: The Walking Dead finale, Alaric gets naked & more!

Your best comment: Slow? I think they passed over several possible episodes to get where they are, the CDC. Rick could have spent all season searching for his family. Can't have a zombie slaughter every episode, that would get redundant.

There is an infinite number of ways the show can evolve, with stand alone episodes inside some larger plot, which has not been availed or maybe even written. Human to human drama and violence, Zombie drama, basic survival needs. My fear is it could turn into "The Road"; which viewers might not accept that level of hopelessness, futility, pain and despair. I think there has to be zombies as an equal antagonists, not just a human survival show, and human drama. — AndroidImposter

Our story: Joss Whedon TURNED DOWN that big-screen Buffy reboot

Your best comment: I don't think this is true. We've been hearing rumors about this for over a year now, and the last round, Joss made a statement and never indicated that he'd been approached. I'd have to dig for quotes, but I believe he expressed frustration that due to how the rights are managed, he had no control or input whatsoever in this happening. — Logan

Our story: Trek 2 writers: Sequel will (sort of) be like Empire Strikes Back

Your best comment: They will freeze Kirk in Korbomite. — Jeffrey

Our story: Frank Darabont FIRES entire Walking Dead writing staff

Your best comment: The year between seasons is because of the time required to get the cast & crew back together, particularly if they weren't already signed to multi-year contracts (which I doubt a cable channel would do before the show was certified as a ratings hit). All of those folks are already signed to do other shows, movies, etc. Plus they have to book locations, do the principal photography, special effects, reshoots, etc...

As far as a six episode first season, to me it seems more like they were essentially making a miniseries. If it was successful (and it was), they renew and make more. If not, well, there's always DVD sales of 'the complete series'.

Do you want quality or do you want it fast? Put another way, do you want Ruth's Chris or McDonald's? Can't have it both ways, folks. Can't think of what to do in the meantime? Find another series to watch or try something daring - like reading a book or two! — CrazyOkie

Our story: Disney asked Johnny Depp whether Jack Sparrow was gay

Your best comment: Captain Jack was as gay as Professor Dumbledore was

Oh wait. — Myrddyn