Wil Wheaton brings Wil Wheaton to Syfy in The Wil Wheaton Project

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Apr 2, 2014, 7:53 PM EDT (Updated)

Because the world can always use more Wil Wheaton.

Our man Wil has come a long way since the TNG days. Big Bang Theory, The Guild, TableTop, Geek & Sundry ... and that's just off the top of my head. He went from playing the Mary Sue character every Trek fan hated to becoming one of the most beloved nerds of all time.

That being the case, it's always been kind of surprising that Wheaton doesn't have his own actual, proper TV show. Thankfully, that's finally about to change. Wil has officially announced that he'll be hosting a brand-new show called The Wil Wheaton Project, where he doles out humor and wisdom about the geeky news of the day. And it's going to air on Syfy! Here's the obligatory press brief:

Syfy has greenlit the 12-episode summer series, The Wil Wheaton Project (working title), a weekly topical comedy show hosted by actor and champion of geek culture Wil Wheaton.  The 30-minute show will offer a funny, fast-paced exploration and celebration of science fiction and genre entertainment.  The series premieres Tuesday, May 27 at 10PM ET/PT on Syfy.

Each week, Wil provides his insider point-of-view, sense of humor and expertise as he dissects the week’s most popular and trending topics across sci-fi film, television and pop culture, as well as video games, viral videos and news. Wil is on his feet for the rapid-fire half hour, delivering sharp, straight-to-camera commentary as he riffs his way through content clips. The result is a fun appreciation for all things science fiction.

What's great about the show is that the only way Wheaton was willing to do it was if he also got to be both a writer and producer. So instead of just reading cue cards, he'll have his finger dipped in every pie to ensure this new show is the most Wheaton-y Wheaton-fest it can possibly be.

And Wil has an agenda we're sure many of you will be happy about. Says Wheaton:

"I really love that I get to be part of something that brings Science Fiction back to Syfy, and if I read correctly between the lines during our meetings with the Syfy executives, this is just the beginning of the network formerly known as Sci-Fi  returning to its science fiction roots, which is awesome."

Keeps your eyes peeled for more, including some potential crossover with Blastr, as the series comes closer to debuting. 

(via Wil Wheaton)

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