Wil Wheaton joins Season 2 of Playstation's comic-inspired Powers series

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Oct 30, 2015, 12:21 PM EDT

The Playstation Network exclusive series Powers is aiming to beef up its sci-fi cred with Season 2.

The show, based on Brian Michael Bendis’ excellent comic about two cops who try to police a world full of superheroes, has added Star Trek: The Next Generation alum (and all-around good guy) Wil Wheaton to the cast for the show’s 2016 return. The creative team is being cagey about his exact role, but Wheaton’s character is described as “exciting, mysterious and powerful.” So, yeah, we’d imagine he’s definitely playing a power. Probably.

Even cooler? Bendis will be introducing the character to the comic universe in an upcoming issue. Creative crossover! What’s most interesting about this turn of events is the fact that the comic and series are several years apart in regard to the overall narrative, though this does fit with the formula from Season 1 that saw different characters and arcs shuffled and remixed. As we’ve explored before, the approach had decidedly mixed results.

But there were some amazing ideas in Season 1 of Powers, and we’re hopeful they can double down on those aspects for something truly great in 2016. As fans are likely well aware, the second season will loosely follow the comic’s “Who Killed Retro Girl?” arc from the first volume of the comic run. Which, yeah, will almost certainly have some remixing to keep the murder mystery angle fresh.

What do you think of Wheaton’s addition? Will you be coming back for Season 2 of Powers?


(Via IGN)