Will Anakin's padawan turn evil in Clone Wars' next season?

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Dec 18, 2018, 12:00 AM EST (Updated)

To anyone who's been paying any attention to both the Star Wars prequels and the Cartoon Network's animated series, it's obvious that by Revenge of the Sith, Ahsoka Tano is no longer Anakin Skywalker's student. Will we finally find out why?

One can't be sure, naturally, just by looking at this sneak peek at Star Wars: The Clone Wars' upcoming season, as it goes by all too quickly. My theory going into this series was that the fate of Ahsoka Tano was going to be inextricably linked to Anakin turning to the Dark Side—either that something would happen to her that he could've prevented but didn't or that he would have to kill her himself.

Judging by the last shot, I'm leaning toward the latter. How delicious!

(via io9)

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