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Will Arnett hopes to play LEGO Batman again, but until then he’s leading LEGO Masters

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Jan 8, 2020, 9:29 AM EST

In case you’ve ever wondered if actor Will Arnett likes LEGO as much as he likes voicing LEGO Batman in the big-screen LEGO movies, the answer is yes.

“I have a lot in my house,” the actor admitted to SYFY WIRE at Fox Winter Television Critics Association presentation on Tuesday. “I have a LEGO Batman and a LEGO portrait of BoJack Horseman. And I have a guest bedroom that is just filled with LEGO. My 9-year-old is still super into it, so the closet is full of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker sets right now.”

Arnett’s voiced arguably the best cinematic Batman — LEGO Batman — who earns his greatness for playing the broody superhero as such an unabashed, egomaniac jerk. His last appearance as the character was in 2019’s The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. While his solo adventure, The LEGO Batman Movie, was all the way back in 2017.

The sequel came in far short of what the first film made at the box office, which cooled Warner Bros. announcing more sequels. But Arnett has no regrets. “For me, the highlight was getting to do The LEGO Batman Movie, which I stand by. [Director] Chris McKay and I put a lot of hard work into it, so it would be nice if we got to do it again.”

LEGO MASTERS Executive Producer/host Will Arnett and Executive Producer/Showrunner Anthony Dominici (Credit: Fox)

In the meantime, Arnett will be the host (a first for the comedian) of Fox’s upcoming reality competition series, LEGO Masters, which debuts on February 5, 2020. Each week teams will compete creating massive themed builds. Contestants pull from a pile of 3 million bricks for their original designs, which then get destroyed post-build for the next week’s competition.