Will Chris Carter revive Millennium?

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Jan 30, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

Remember Millennium, the 1996-1999 TV show brought to you by Chris Carter? Based in the same universe as The X-Files, it starred fan favorite Lance Henriksen as a forensics profiler and former FBI guy. If you remember, you may want to believe: Carter has an outline for a revival of the series. 

According to Den of Geek, Carter said, “I have ideas how it might come back.”

If you recall, protagonist Frank Black had the ability to see through the eyes of killers. His talents placed him in conflict with the Millennium Group, a secret society and doomsday cult. When he wasn’t solving crimes, he was trying to protect his family. He only partially succeeded. 

“I can tell you, there is a constant drumbeat to bring back Millennium and I’m just always so taken by that, also that hardcore group of fans out there who would like to see it back," Carter said.

Those hardcore fans are obviously horror fans. Wikipedia writes that Carter had pitched the series as the movie Se7en set in Seattle. And although it had The X-Files’ horror, it also had little of its humor (a shout-out to "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense” and "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me,” both written by Darin Morgan). 

When asked if Millennium would return, just as The X-Files has, Carter acknowledged that his current focus is on The X-Files revival. Carter also said, “[R]eally, once again, it’s a Fox show.  They own it.  It’s really up to them whether or not they would ever want to go down that road.” 

But if they do, Carter will be ready.

After Millennium was canceled, the series was wrapped up in The X-Files episode “Millienium.” However, most fans don’t remember it as the episode that gave Frank his sendoff: They remember it as the episode where Mulder and Scully first kissed.

Via DenofGeek.