Will the Doctor and the Master do more than kiss in the series finale?

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Nov 3, 2014

Oh, god. Oh, no. Oh ... yes?  

This season of Doctor Who has been fraught with conflicted feelings. Some people love it, some people think it's just Moffat's continued descent into madness. And things don't show any signs of letting up as we finish out the show's season-eight finale.

There are spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution ...

So the Master is a woman. And she kissed the Doctor on the mouth. And the nose. And apparently that may not be all.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed the Master-turned-Mistress Michelle Gomez on that very topic.

“It was like kissing the Glaswegian version of David Bowie,” says Gomez. “Well, it was hell on earth, really.” Oh. Oh, my. And that's not all.

I say it was hell on earth, only because obviously Missy would have liked to have taken it further. In fact, she had to pull herself together.

But could there be more? "Maybe it will be revealed in this final episode ... that she gets to take it further!" according to Gomez, keeping it coy.

Look, let's be honest -- fans have been into the idea of the Doctor and the Master sharing a bed for quite a while. Not so long ago, I can remember friends posting very intense and elaborate photo manipulations of David Tennant and John Simm to their livejournals back during season three. Heck, even now if you google "Doctor Master kiss" you get, uh ... well, you go ahead and look for yourself. The point is that the notion of this coitus actually happening for real isn't, perhaps, as shocking at second blush.

In fact, the weirdest aspect of these two sworn enemies potentially finding themselves betwixt the sheets would be that one of them regenerated into a woman -- only on Doctor Who could this ever be true.

All that being said, this is still "family programming" for the BBC, so the chances of things going that far are probably not that high. Unless they just skip to the Master smoking a cigarette afterward or something. Matt Smith did call the TARDIS "sexy" multiple times, after all.

So what do you think? Is it too much? Or is this sudden heterosexual twist making the once-titillating combination seem stale?

(via The Radio Times)

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