Will the Godzilla reboot work this time? Box office tracking says ...

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Apr 25, 2014, 10:30 AM EDT

Godzilla is getting its second reboot in two decades, but will this attempt succeed where the other failed?

The last time an American studio attempted to craft its own version of Japan's most famous kaiju, in the 1998 film directed and co-written by Roland Emmerich, the results were ... less than impressive, even if the film's box-office take wasn't terrible. The 1998 Godzilla reboot has gone down in history as a disastrous reimagining of the titular creature, but now Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are trying again with their own American-led reboot of the classic monster. Trailers, posters and other marketing for the film have generated plenty of buzz from viewers eager to see another giant lizard stomp across the screen, but how will the film perform overall? Will this Godzilla be the reboot Hollywood wanted all along, or will it be another misstep? 

Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, early tracking for director Gareth Edwards' new version of the classic beast shows that it's set for a North American opening weekend that should top $60 million, and could even hit the $70 million mark. That's not on par with the stellar $95 million domestic opening of the biggest movie of the year so far -- Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- but it's definitely hit territory. Male viewers are the primary audience, but the ensemble cast also seems to be drawing the attention of more than a few female viewers, and the film's international box-office prognosis is strong, even though it's opening between The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past, both of which seem set to earn plenty of money for their respective studios.

So, even with a budget that's reportedly in the $160 million range, Godzilla seems primed to do some serious box-office destruction, setting up what Legendary and Warners hope to be a new franchise centered around the King of the Monsters. Where Godzilla will head from here is still unclear at this point, but if the anticipation building for this flick turns into real satisfcation for viewers, we could be entering an exciting new era for Godzilla filmmaking.

What do you think? Will Edwards' Godzilla be a hit? 

Godzilla hits theaters May 16. 

(Via THR)