Will James McAvoy finally take on the classic Professor X look in Apocalypse?

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Sep 12, 2014

In the next X-Men movie, James McAvoy might finally start to look a little more like Patrick Stewart.

Though Stewart was, is and always will be perfectly cast as Charles Xavier, a role he's played in four X-Men films so far, it's hard to deny that McAvoy won us over with his portrayal of a younger, more brash, and walking Xavier in X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past. By the end of DOFP, McAvoy's Xavier is firmly in his wheelchair and set in his mission to be a force for good in the mutant community, putting him on a path to become the version of the character that Stewart played. There's still one major difference that sets McAvoy's version apart, though: hair.

So, with the third installment of McAvoy's X-Men timeline, Apocalypse, on the horizon, will the actor finally go for the classic Professor Xavier look that we know from Stewart's films (and 50 years of comic books)? In an interview with the Huffington Post, McAvoy did seem to confirm that he'll be bald.

"I'll be older in this one," McAvoy said of the film, which will be set in the 1980s. "[And] I think I'm losing my hair finally. And, yeah, that's kind of all I know."

So, though we don't yet know how the story will explain it, it does seem that a bald version of McAvoy's Xavier is in our future. As for what else we can expect from Apocalypse (other than the titular supervillain whose appearance was confirmed at the end of Days of Future Past), even McAvoy doesn't know, but he is expecting something big.

"I got an email from Simon Kinberg, our producer/writer extraordinaire, who informed me he was getting dead excited about stuff, but he didn't want to divulge anything for a couple of weeks, so I really don't know. But it seems fairly global, if we're talking apocalypse. Maybe it's just a character's name, but I think the nature of the movie's going to be fairly apocalyptic as well."

X-Men: Apocalypse will hit theaters, apparently with a bald Charles Xavier, on May 27, 2016. 

(Via Huffington Post)

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