Will John Hurt appear in more than just Doctor Who's 50th anniversary?

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Aug 29, 2013

William Hurt's 8.5 Doctor is only going to appear in one episode, right? Maybe not ...

Since the conclusion of The Name of the Doctor, people have been going back and forth over who John Hurt's Doctor is and where he fits into the timeline. One thing we assumed, though, was that he would only be appearing in the Doctor Who 50th-anniversary special, and that's it. Hang onto your fezzes, though, because that may also have come into question!

So John Hurt avails himself of the Twitter. And, upon the revelation that one Peter Capaldi would be taking up the mantle of the 12th Doctor, Hurt released the following very peculiar tweet:

Congratulations, Peter Capaldi. I’m suboth and we will have a lot of fun

Which was then promptly deleted and replaced with the following instead:

Congratulations to Peter Capaldi and to the BBC. Another splendid Doctor!

Now, yes, there's obviously a series of typos happening in the original tweet, but the second has an entirely different message, altogether. What's was all that about "We will have a lot of fun"? A lot of fun ... when, exactly? Capaldi isn't set to appear in the 50th. Even if he had been, the fun would have already concluded!

The best part is that someone had screen-capped the tweet and showed it to Hurt in an interview, and he actually said, "No idea where that came from, Ryan ... not from me." We're not totally divorcing ourselves from the notion that Hurt has someone else wrangling his tweets, but it's still awfully suspicious.

What do you think? Does this show that Hurt might be in the 2013 Christmas episode? And do you want him there?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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