Will Lilith get her wish on the Shadowhunters mid-season finale?

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May 15, 2018, 4:00 PM EDT

When we last saw our heroes, things were looking bleak. Maia left town, Lilith took Jace, and Clary is on death row. In the Shadowhunters two-hour mid-season finale tonight, Lillith's plan to resurrect Jonathan has been set into motion, and according to Anna Hopkins (who plays the Demon Queen of Edom), we might not be getting a happy ending.

"We're seeing two forces putting the gas pedal on full force, and no one's gonna be turning back, so I can't really say what happens, but she's definitely not gonna be giving up on what she wants to do. And so there's gonna be some consequences to that, for sure," Hopkins said. "It's not gonna be puppies and flowers moving forward."

It's not exactly puppies and flowers before that either. In fact, we're going to see some pretty brutal death and destruction that has nothing to do with Lilith, along with some old friends (and enemies). 

But Lilith is special. Not just within the series as a supremely wicked and focused villain, but beyond as a truly evil female villain with a lot of emotional depth, something Hopkins relishes in.

"I think that what I loved about this character is that—this might seem like an oxymoron—but they make her really human," she said. "And I think because of that, she's just so dimensional that everything she does is pretty justified, and that gave the writers the ability to bring her down a path of the worst possible thing that she could do. And I think that because they made her so dimensional and human, in a sense, they are creating a female villain that's kind of bigger than life."

With Lilith, the Shadowhunters writers have created a character who will stop at nothing and is on a mission to bring about blood and mayhem in pursuit of her goal—to bring back her son, Jonathan—and for whom her womanhood is an important factor. She's glamorous, driven by a mother's love, and utterly, monstrously lethal. 

I think sometimes people wanna create a strong female character and they're just like, 'She's just like a guy.' And that kind of always bothers me because there's so much power in uniquely being a woman," Hopkins said. "I think that they did such a great job in doing that. And not having those aspects being a weakness at all, using those as a strength. I'm just so impressed in the way that they wrote Lilith, and I'm just so honored to play her. Love her."

Will Lillith achieve her goal? Will Jonathan return? Will Jace be freed of Lilith's hold on him? Can Clary avoid a fiery end? You'll have to tune in tonight for the two-hour mid-season finale of Shadowhunters to find out.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays on Freeform at 8/7pm Central.

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