Will Smith will fight himself in Ang Lee's clone thriller Gemini Man

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Apr 25, 2017, 8:30 PM EDT

Gemini Man, the next film from director Ang Lee (Life of Pi), is an intriguing sci-fi idea with an elegant action hook that's been bouncing around Hollywood for two decades. It originally emerged as an idea from screenwriter Darren Lemke (Goosebumps) with director Tony Scott (Top Gun) at the helm, but despite everyone from Harrison Ford to Mel Gibson being considered for the lead role, the project was deemed unfilmable at the time. Why? Well, that's the hook.

Gemini Man is the story of an accomplished assassin who's beginning to show signs of age. Now past his prime, he faces his toughest fight yet with a clone of himself at age 25, when he was at his absolute deadliest. It's a great high concept for an action movie, right? It sounds like Looper with more fight scenes. The trouble was, in 1997, the only way you could really pull it off was by casting an older actor and then finding a younger co-star who kinda looked like him. Now, with digital de-aging taking a bigger and bigger role in blockbusters, you can just cast one guy and have him play both versions of himself.

Enter Will Smith.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Smith is in talks to join Lee for Gemini Man, in which he would play both lead roles. The report stressed that the deal is not done, and Smith's schedule could present a challenge, but this sounds like exactly the kind of flick he'd relish. And there's an underlying thematic current there about losing one's power with age that feels like it would be hard to resist (how many think-pieces in the last five years have declared Smith no longer a movie star?).

So, if all goes well, we could get to see Smith as we know him now doing battle with the young gun we remember from Independence Day. That sounds like a blast. Don't you think?