Will Smith beats up a fairy with a broom in SDCC trailer for Bright

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Jul 20, 2017, 7:13 PM EDT

If you've ever wanted to see Will Smith, wearing pajamas, beating up a fairy with a broom — this is the movie for you. Netflix has dropped a new trailer for Bright, and it looks to be one of the most fascinating genre movies of the year.

It's essentially a police procedural starring Smith and Joel Edgerton, set in a world full of orces, elves, fairies and a whole lot of magic. The footage makes it look like an extremely grounded story, just with literal monsters roaming the streets alongside the usual street gangs and the like. It could be a fascinating juxtaposition.

Here's the official synopsis:

Set in an alternate present-day where humans, orcs, elves, and fairies have been co-existing since the beginning of time. Bright is genre-bending action movie that follows two cops from very different backgrounds. Ward (Will Smith) and Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), embark on a routine patrol night and encounter a darkness that will ultimately alter the future and their world as they know it.

Bright is coming to Netflix on December 22.