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Will Smith laughs off failure of After Earth in hilarious interview

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Jun 10, 2013

Will Smith has been a bankable movie star for so long, it’s hard to remember the last time he had a movie flop — until now. His new sci-fi flick After Earth is shaping up to be a pretty massive bomb, but it really doesn’t sound that bad once you hear Smith explain it.

From the Men in Black franchise all the way back to Independence Day in the 1990s, it’s rare that Smith hasn't been on top of the box office. So when he has to face a misstep while hanging out with Jimmy Kimmel, it’s actually pretty funny.

The guy is likable, there’s no way around it, and he can even make a third-place weekend sound pretty good. It’s nice to know he can admit a stumble when it happens, and hey — isn’t number three the new number one?

Did you check out After Earth? What did you think?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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