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Will Smith remade The Matrix on home video with his son — and we’ll never see Agent Smith the same again

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Nov 11, 2019, 4:09 PM EST

Cypher was even more wrong than he knew. After cackling through the previously unknown, Matrix-themed homemade movie that Will Smith made years ago with his now-adult son Trey, we’re more convinced than ever that ignorance definitely isn’t bliss.

Until Smith shared this clip via Instagram — apparently just one of many, since he says he celebrated Trey’s childhood birthdays by shooting a kooky Matrix home movie every single year — we had no idea that his dalliance with the Matrix rabbit hole wasn’t just limited to that one time he said no to playing Neo. Apparently for Smith, escaping the Matrix isn’t as simple as swallowing a blue pill. Like the sound of inevitability, he’s evidently been stoking his silly fever dreams of Matrix might-have-beens, with Trey’s capable (and hilarious) help, for years. 

Keep an eye out for more sci-fi funny moments that Smith & son toss in their kitchen-sink Matrix remix — and then question which side of reality we’re actually living on. Behold: “The Treytrix” —

If this is just one in a series of “Treytrix” birthday vids, we’re definitely ready to line up if Smith decides to reveal more of his unreleased sequels. Plus, just like the newly rebooted Matrix movie franchise, these guys might not even be done making home movies. “It might be time to shoot another episode!” Smith teases, even though “T-Ball” Trey, as a 27-year-old these days, would probably make an even more formidable opponent now.

If anything, Smith’s Matrix refresher has us more amped than ever, 20 years after the original release of the original movie, for what’s coming next from the franchise — even if it won’t aspire to these kind of comedic heights. The in-development fourth installment in The Matrix series returns Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss to the series as Trinity and Neo, and now we’re just waiting for the phone to ring with word from Warner Bros. on triangulating a release date.