Will Thandie Newton play an antagonist in Han Solo solo movie?

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Oct 2, 2017, 11:51 AM EDT

We know precious little about the upcoming Han Solo movie, and even the title is as mysterious as how a ship can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs when parsecs are units of distance. We also don’t know for certain whether co-star Thandie Newton will be playing an antagonist. But now we have a clue.

Director Ron Howard has been pulling in actors for reshoots since taking over from former directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. As io9 pointed out, Howard posted a production shot that suggests Newton's character may want to counter Solo and his smuggling ways.

In this set photo, Howard has his arm around Newton. She is wearing black—a color associated with the Empire rather than the prison orange of the rebellion. Also, he has his hand plastered over her patch. It could very well be an Imperial patch. And the Empire hates smugglers as much as they hate freedom. 

Newton was able to get away from her Emmy-nominated role as Maeve in HBO’s Westworld in order to reshoot. Actor Michael K. Williams, who is currently in production for another movie, wasn’t so lucky. Replaced by Paul Bettany, his scenes will forever remain on the cutting-room floor.

So what do you think about Newton’s character? Friend, foe, or friendly foe? Commence speculation in the comments section.