Will there be another Blair Witch Project sequel?

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

The Blair Witch Project director Daniel Myrick told SCI FI Wire that the door is still open to a second sequel to the groundbreaking shaky-cam is-it-real-or-isn't-it? scary movie. This despite the dismal critical and box-office failure that was 2000's Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.

"Well, we don't know," Myrick said in an exclusive interview. "Eduardo Sanchez and myself and the producer, Gregg Hale, have been talking and revisiting the idea behind a prequel that explores the original story and mythology of Blair Witch folklore," Myrick said.

Ultimately, Myrick said, the decision is up to Lionsgate, which owns the rights to the project, "and whether or not they want to take the leap with us. But we're developing some ideas and exploring some storylines that we like, and checking out some locations and seeing if something can get some tracks in with Lionsgate. But we'd like to do one. It would be great."

The original 1999 Blair Witch Project, of course, was the first movie to use viral marketing in a big, successful way. If a new sequel takes off, Myrick said he hopes to figure out a novel new way to promote the film.

"The thing about the original film is that it happened at a time where not a lot of people, if anybody, was taking the Web and using it in that way to market a feature film," Myrick said. "And one of the challenges now is that everyone is trying to do that, and have been for a while. It's tough to kind of break through that chaff to create some kind of unique viral marketing campaign. And certainly, with us being involved, no one is going to buy a hoax or a fake this or that. So we have to find a creative way, a new way, to get people interested in the film, assuming the film can stand on its own merits. And my hope is that if Lionsgate does get on board with the idea, that we'll be able to find some cool, interesting way to reach out to the audience at every level. Because, you know, we find that as rewarding as the movie itself."

Myrick said it was too early to talk about casting. "We're still debating on whether or not you'll see the witch," he said. He added: "It's hard to make something like that literal and ultimately have it realized in any form. ... Certainly, in some of the lead roles there are great actors out there. Everyone from Edward Norton to, I mean, the list goes on." He said casting will also depend on whether Lionsgate gives them the money they're looking for. "Our aspirations may be a lot higher than their wallets," he said with a laugh.

Myrick also spoke a bit about his project with Mira Sorvino called Presence. "We shot that back in October," he said. "It's kind of a ghost story in the spirit of The Others. ... It's in post-production right now, and we just think it's going to be a cool, smart, killer ghost story that revolves around this woman who is staying at this cabin in the woods, who's trying to find herself and is kind of visited by this resident of the cabin up there. It's a pretty fun story, and we had a lot of fun shooting it."