Will Wally West return? Flash EP Andrew Kreisberg weighs in

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Oct 31, 2017, 1:48 PM EDT

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash’s “Luck Be a Lady” episode follow.

Last week’s installment of the speedy superhero series saw Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) drop a bit of a bombshell by announcing he was leaving Central City for his hometown of Blue Valley to figure out his life, a decision he took after his Earth-2 girlfriend and fellow speedster Jesse Wells, aka Jesse Quick (Violett Beane), dumped him via a break-up kit (made of shoddy Atlantean plastic, by the way, in what was a very cool reference to Aquaman).

But fear not, Team Flash’s youngest member’s departure won’t last forever. But why did Wally West leave the show in the first place? “There are things that will become clear as the season goes on,” said series co-showrunner Andrew Kreisberg to TV Line.

One of the reasons for Wally’s timely leave of absence has to do with the arrival of Ralph Dibny, aka The Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer), on tonight’s episode titled “Elongated Journey Into Night” and the practical problems of juggling two speedsters on the show (adding to that the FX-heavy Elongated Man).

“It’s difficult having two speedsters on the show, just creatively and financially. There are a lot of times where either Barry had to get knocked out so Wally could save the day, or Wally had to get knocked out so Barry could save the day — and just knocking them out, that costs a lot," Kreisberg said. "But Wally is not gone. Wally is not gone, certainly, from the Arrowverse, and he’ll be back on Flash, and more exciting stuff about Wally will be revealed as we move forward.”

So, when should we prep ourselves for Wally’s return on The Flash? “Keiynan’s a regular,” Kreisberg reiterated, “and we will see him again” in the seventh episode airing on Nov. 21, a week before the epic Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Earth-X.” Are you relieved to know Kid Flash will be back sooner rather than later?

(via TV Line)

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