Will we ever see Cyclops on the big screen again? James Marsden weighs in

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May 6, 2014, 2:38 PM EDT (Updated)

A lot of X-Men are heading back to the big screen this year, but will Cyclops ever get his return?

We're just weeks away from the arrival of X-Men: Days of Future Past, which will unite much of the original X-Men cast with the cast of X-Men: First Class in a journey across time and send many of those X-Men off into a new adventure in the already-announced Apocalypse. A few years ago, it seemed like we might never see some of these characters (at least in these incarnations) on the big screen again, but now they're all back together ... well, almost all of them.

Days of Future Past won't (as far as we know), feature Famke Janssen's Jean Grey, who died at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand at the hands of Wolverine, who was forced to kill the woman he loved to stop the Phoenix Force within her from killing everyone. The same film also featured the death of Cyclops (James Marsden), who was disintegrated by the Phoenix shortly after Jean Grey reappeared. When we saw his red-tinted shades floating in midair, it seemed like we'd seen the end of Marsden's Scott Summers. 

Those of us familiar with the comic-book world, though, know that death is never really final for superheroes, and adding time travel and potential alternate timelines to the X-Men movie universe certainly provides all manner of opportunities for previously deceased characters to make a comeback. Marsden didn't get the call when it came time for Days of Future Past, but is there a chance that he could be drafted for future X-Men flicks, and if there is, would he be up for donning the visor again?

“I’ve always been very proud of my role and it’s out of my hands,” Marsden said in a new interview with Crave. “It’s nice to see Bryan [Singer] go back in and turn the boat a little bit. I’m happy for those that made it back. I’d like to. I get excited watching the trailers because I’m excited for the continuance of the X-Men world. I’m a fan of X-Men and I know it’ll be a kick-ass movie.”

So it sounds like Marsden would happily suit up again if the Powers That Be at Fox asked him to. Sure, Cyclops is dead, but Professor Xavier didn't exactly make it out of The Last Stand in one piece either, and he seems to be in good shape in Days of Future Past

What do you think? Should Cyclops come back for future X-flicks?

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