Will Alcatraz's first baddie switch sides soon?

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Dec 16, 2012

The line between the good guys and the bad guys could start to blur soon on J.J. Abrams's new Fox series Alcatraz, at least according to one of the show's first baddies.

Jeffrey Pierce—aka prisoner returnee Jack Sylvane—told The Insider his character will be sticking around well past the pilot and could eventually team up with the task force sent to help hunt down the other prisoners popping up from the past. Sylvane was one of the first returning prisoners introduced on the show, a former soldier who got mixed up in a robbery and eventually sent to the Rock in the 1960s.

Though Sylvane was caught at the end of the pilot episode, Pierce said his character is still around—and could have an even larger role going forward, though if that means flashbacks or modern day is anyone's guess.

So, can he atone for his sins? Pierce seems to think so. "There's limitations on what I can say and what I actually know [laughs]. I will tell you with certainty, he's not dead and I'm still going back and forth from here to Canada to film new scenes, but beyond that, I can't get into too much detail," he said. "We know there's a three-year window that takes place between Jack's wife divorcing him and his reappearance. It's not a massive prison. These guys know each other; they're aware of the hierarchy within the prison system and how things operate so you don't get stabbed in the back or beaten by a guard. And as much as Jack feels he is not on the same level as these inmates, for his own survival, he's aware of who they are and what they've done. There are areas where that can be helpful in the future episode."

Though Pierce's character has mixed motives, he noted other returnees may be more outright evil. Which makes sense, considering they were prisoners at the most famous mega-prisons ever built.

"And tonight we'll start to see a pattern with the guys returning, which proves that Jack is an anomaly," he said. "The things he did were not necessarily driven by his own motor. Exactly how and why, we'll find out—hopefully—over the next five years [laughs]. He's different than the other prisoners. When he meets that prisoner in the hospital, we start to hear about the cells under the hole and what may or may not have happened there. The question becomes: Does Jack end up in there with those guys, or is his journey very much separate from theirs? I still don't know that answer."

Alcatraz had a solid premiere ratings-wise last week for Fox, and returns tonight with a new episode, "Kit Nelson," at 9/8 PM Central on Fox.

(Via The Insider)