Will Arnett arrests the development of romance in When in Rome

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Will Arnett, star of the upcoming animated adventure Monsters vs. Aliens, told SCI FI Wire that his next project is a fantasy-based romantic comedy called When in Rome.

When asked if a description of him as a romantic lead in the film was a misprint, he said, "Feel free to write that. That was really fun. I play one of Kristen Bell's suitors who kind of fall under her spell."

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson (Elektra), When in Rome follows a young real estate agent played by Bell who finds herself the target of too many suitors after she steals coins from an enchanted "fountain of love."

Arnett, who collaborated with several high-profile comedians in Monsters vs. Aliens, including Seth Rogen and Rainn Wilson, said that his co-stars in When in Rome are equally impressive.

"I'm along with Danny DeVito and Dax Shepard and Jon Heder and Josh Duhamel, amongst others," Arnett said. "That was a really fun movie, very sweet. We shot it in New York, and I think we got to shoot in Rome, Italy, last year as well. It's a really fun movie."