Will bald Prof. X battle Sentinels in Days of Future Past?

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

X-Men: Days of Future Past is bringing out the big guns. Actor James McAvoy, who plays a young Charles Xavier, recently discussed some changes in the upcoming sequel. The landscape is totally different, and so are the characters. The X-Men could encounter their biggest foes yet.

McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, will be joined by their older counterparts, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen. Since the film deals with time travel, their appearances could be easily explained. Now that we've seen the team's origin in First Class, it's time to get down to the good stuff.

First off, will we ever see those overbearing robots called Sentinels? Even though Mark Millar (Marvel's Property Creative Consultant) has hinted at their inclusion, McAvoy is staying vague. He told Total Film, "As a fan of the X-Men world and lexicon, I share lots of other fans' hopes and dreams and I'd like to see Sentinels ..."

In X-Men 3: The Last Stand, there was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo of a Sentinel's severed head. Unfortunately, it wasn't from a legitimate battle. It was part of a Danger Room training exercise. Giant robots may be a nebulous subject, but Professor Xavier's hair isn't.

Prior to the release of First Class a lot of us wondered about two things: Professor X's walking and his luscious locks. McAvoy revealed that his character's hair loss is a topic of discussion for Days.

"[Screenwriter] Simon Kinberg and I had a chat about it and we came up with a whole bunch of idea about how, why and where he might go bald. It's got to be linked to the plot though," McAvoy explained.

"In the comics, he lost his hair as soon as his powers awakened, and we clearly didn't follow the source material. It can't just be that he looks in the mirror at the end of the film and goes 'Oh [frick], I'm losing my hair'.

Are you ready for Prof. X to embrace his baldness?

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in theaters July 18, 2014.

(Total Film via ComicBookMovie)

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