Will Christian Bale star in The Dark Tower?

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Dec 14, 2012

Is the Dark Knight saddling up for his first series role as Stephen King's legendary Gunslinger in Ron Howard's groundbreaking TV-film hybrid?

If you believe The New York Post, Bale has taken pole position in front of Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen for the plum role of Roland Deschain in Howard's unique project, which will launch with a theatrical film, then shift to a season of TV, then back to a movie, then back to TV, and then a final film to wrap up King's quasi-apocalyptic story.

There are two questions that need asking:

1) Would Bale even want to do this? He's an in-demand movie star, one who's just coming off a lengthy commitment to a genre franchise—is this amount of work something he'd even be interested in? He doesn't seem to be a guy to chase a paycheck, but he does seem to be a guy who relishes varied challenges. Maybe Howard's participation seals the deal. Who knows?

2) Does The Dark Tower need Christian Bale? No doubt he'd be great in it, but he'd be a very expensive piece of the puzzle. And, really, The Dark Tower kind of sells itself, given its immense popularity. Wouldn't this project be better off finding a fresh face and making him a star, rather than casting one?

Anyway, given the source, this bit of news is dubious at best.

(via The NY Post)

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