Will Inception star be the Riddler in Batman 3?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

I don't think we'll ever stop talking about Inception, but it's definitely time to start talking about director Christopher Nolan's next long-awaited project—Batman 3. An inside source managed to get a peek at a studio casting grid for the film, which revealed two very intriguing facts.

According to the casting grid, which is used in the industry so production companies, agencies and others can keep track of a project's progress and what roles may be available, the Riddler is definitely down as a character for the Dark Knight sequel. So at last we know for certain (if this source can be trusted, that is) the villain we'll get to see battling the Batman on the big screen.

But who'll get to bring him to life?

Turns out the same grid lists Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role, with his status down as "interested." Though "interested" isn't the same as "signed," this bit of news would support recent rumors of Gordon-Levitt in the role.

We won't know for sure until we get some kind of official confirmation—at Comic-Con, perhaps?—but meanwhile, what do you think of the choice of villain and the actor who might play him?

(via firstshowing)