X-Men 2 or Hunger Games 2? Which will Jennifer Lawrence choose?

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Dec 16, 2012

With two (possible) hit movies under her belt—last year's X-Men: First Class and the upcoming and highly anticipated The Hunger Games—actress Jennifer Lawrence may just have found herself in a heap of trouble. Sorta. See, both films have sequels that are set to shoot at roughly the same time. Oops!

Seems we may be in for a good ol' studio face-off over Lawrence's busy schedule!

An insider for THR reports that Lionsgate is planning to shoot the soon-to-be-a-massive-hit (it broke Twilight's presale record, people!) Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, in the summer of 2011, with a view to release the film in November 2013.

Over at Fox, a source says that the X-Men First: Class sequel—which will be more Magneto-centric (Michael Fassbender)—is set for an early fall shoot which could lead to an overlap and scheduling conflict for the in-demand 21-year-old actress.

Does that mean that Jennifer Lawrence will have to pick and choose which sequel she will appear in next? Nope. Not exactly.

Since Fox first cast the actress as the Mutant shape-shifter Mystique in First Class back in the summer of 2010—almost a year before Lionsgate offered the role of Katniss Everdeen to Lawrence in March 2011—this means that, according to an insider, even if BOTH studios have sequel options, "Fox will win [any conflict]. Their option trumps Lionsgate's option."

However, both studios deny they are in conflict, and, according to a Lawrence representative, "They are both making accommodations for her." So that should make us heave a big sigh of relief, right?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)