Will No Ordinary Family get a 2nd season? Its stars don't think so

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

The ABC superhero-family drama is one of this season's "bubble" shows: programs that could be canceled just as easily as they could be renewed. But as fans of the Michael Chiklis-Julie Benz show wait to hear its destiny, the stars are already preparing to jump ship.

Both Chiklis and Benz—genre mainstays from their time in the Fantastic Four and Buffy universes, respectively—have lined up potential gigs for next year: They've both committed to shooting pilots for new shows. Chiklis is strapping in for the CBS comedy Vince Uncensored, while Benz is co-starring in CBS' as-yet-untitled supernatural medical drama, the pilot for which is being directed by Oscar winner Jonathan Demme.

Before you hurl a venomous J'Accuse! in their direction, both stars have booked these pilots in "second position," which means that if No Ordinary Family does get picked up for another season, they'll abandon these potential new gigs.

Still, if you were saving a bunch of episodes on your DVR to marathon over the summer before the new season starts up ... you might want to reconsider.

(via Deadline)