Will Obama bump the Lost premiere? Fans get mad

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Forget terrorists and tea-party activists, President Obama is asking for trouble from the scariest group of people yet: Lost fans, who stand to see their much-anticipated final-season premiere pre-empted if the prez slates his State of the Union address for Feb. 2.

The White House is reportedly mulling either Jan. 26 or Feb. 2 for Obama's first State of the Union. If it picks the latter, that messes up ABC's long-announced plans to air a big three-hour Lost event that night to usher in the show's sixth and final season.

It's unclear what that would mean. Would we have to wait one more week for the glorious confusion of more Lost answers that turn into questions? Would the premiere go ahead as scheduled while ABC delays the otherwise live national speech?

We're guessing ABC had to know this was a potential problem, since the president always gives his State of the Union around this time. We're hoping they have a Plan B.

In the meantime, fans have gone viral and seem as batty as a raging polar bear Lost on a twitchy time-traveling island. They've started a save-our-Lost-premiere Twitter campaign to stop Obama. Under the hashtag #NoStateofUnionFeb2, the Losties are threatening, begging and trying to reason with Obama.

Brackmann wrote: "Please Obama, don't crash Lost premiere. We don't need to hear the economy is bad, it's old news, save yourself a speech." zenkitteh added: "Come on Obama!! You are a smart man, you must be a fan of Lost." And WillJRHopkins added: "I'm not an american but if i have to wait for lost any longer i might throw up."

What do you think?

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