Will Smith goes to the groovy, clunky '60s in new MiB 3 trailer

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Dec 17, 2012

The '60s is a wild and dangerous place in the new trailer for Men in Black 3. The teaser shows off some new bits from 1969 and Agent J's (Will Smith) trip to the past to save Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin)—and the universe.

We get to see a bit more of the vintage aliens, an alternate look at those MiB uni-motorcycles in action and some old-school 1969 tech (the 20-pound, stainless steel cell phone is actually pretty hilarious).

It's been 15 years since the first Men in Black, and 10 years since Men In Black 2, but it looks like everyone is picking up right where they left off for part three. This looks like it could be a lot of fun if you're up for some cheap laughs, and heck, it can't be any worse than MiB2.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing Agents J and K back for another round?