Will Smith is set to battle vampires in a Bible story (maybe)

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Dec 17, 2012

Five years after facing off against a whole world of vampiric beasts in I Am Legend, it seems Will Smith may be gearing up to battle the bloodsucking undead once again, or at least oversee someone else doing it. And this time, the vampire war is going biblical.

Sony has just given the green light to The Redemption of Cain, which will be produced by Smith's company Overbrook. Earlier this year it was rumored that Smith would make his directorial debut on the flick, and it's also been rumored that he'll star. Right now all we know for sure is that he's on board in some production capacity, but you can bet his name will be prominently featured somewhere on the poster.

Described as Cain and Abel with a "vampiric twist," the flick apparently tells the story of what happened to Cain after he (Bible spoiler alert!) murdered his brother Abel in a jealous rage. He's then cursed by God to wander the Earth for eternity. That sounds like God made him the original vampire (not an original idea), or maybe made him into some kind of immortal vampire slayer (also not an original idea). Either way, vampires or vampire-like behavior will be involved.

We'll be watching this one for more details on Smith's involvement. Right now it's mostly just good news for those of you who aren't sick of vampire-themed flicks yet. What do you think? Should Smith return to battle the undead (or become one of them)?

(The Wrap via IndieWire)

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