Will Star Trek 2 deal with healthcare reform?

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

When last we spoke with Roberto Orci, the co-writer of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, he laid out the challenge of coming up with a sequel that honored the franchise while coming up with something new.

Now comes word that he's told the Los Angeles Times that the sequel could take a page from the original series by dealing with a contemporary issue in addition to everything else.

"We've literally had two meetings now," Orci told the newspaper. "We haven't decided anything but we're starting to circle around some ideas. We got a lot of fan response from the first one and a considerable amount of critical response and one of the things we heard was, 'Make sure the next one deals with modern-day issues.' We're trying to keep it as up-to-date and as reflective of what's going on today as possible. So that's one thing, to make it reflect the things that we are all dealing with today."

Fans recall that the original series, in addition to being a bit of kick-ass sci-fi TV, was under the radar enough to comment in an allegorical way on controversial issues such as race relations and civil rights, the war in Vietnam, the counter-culture, patriotism, fascism and a host of other hot-button topics of the time.

So what will Chris Pine's Capt. Kirk and Zachary Quinto's Mr. Spock deal with? Terrorism? A fundamentalist sect of Klingons begins blowing up Federation outposts? (Real Trekkies recall that The Next Generation and even Enterprise dealt with that issue quite a lot.)

Guantanamo? The Federation finds itself in collusion with Klingons abusing prisoners on Rura Penthe?

Healthcare reform? Andorians without health insurance threaten war against the Federation?

The economic meltdown? The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Religious fundamentalism? (Again, TNG and Deep Space Nine.) Gay marriage? The decline of newspapers? (Feel free to chime in at any time ... )