Will the next monster hit be Guillermo del Toro vs. Godzilla?

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Dec 14, 2012

Although he's got tons of projects on his plate already, word spread late Wednesday that filmmaker Guillermo del Toro had reportedly been offered the chance to get behind the camera for the return of Godzilla. But is that really the case?

According to Latino Review, Legendary Pictures approached the Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy director about helming a brand-new Godzilla movie, tentatively scheduled for release in summer 2012.

Del Toro is already slated to begin shooting his dream project, At The Mountains of Madness, next year, so any chance for him to get a new Godzilla movie ready for 2012 seems far-fetched at best. And when Hitfix contacted the director on Wednesday evening, his reply was, "I am not involved in Godzilla at all. I haven't read it or plan to read it. Nor have I been approached to direct it."

So that's that. The other news that Latino Review reported is that this new Godzilla movie may actually be a mashup of Godzilla and a script called Pacific Rim, which Clash of the Titans writer Travis Beacham sold to Legendary a few months ago. That story was set in the future, when the nations of the Earth must join together to defeat a global threat from some sort of horde of malevolent creatures.

Legendary was said to be unhappy with the actual Godzilla script it has, but someone there supposedly came up with the idea to merge Godzilla with Pacific Rim, reportedly making the execs happy and offering the potential for the big green lizard to battle many more monsters (which also fits nicely with some recent rumors about the Godzilla reboot).

Our friends at Hitfix have their doubts about that too, so all of this may be as shaky as those papier-mache buildings Godzilla used to knock down in the old days. Still, the idea of Guillermo del Toro directing a new Godzilla movie does sound enticing, doesn't it?