Could Michael Chabon's Kavalier & Clay become an HBO series?

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 16, 2012

Michael Chabon's astonishing comic-book-centric novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay has been stuck in Hollywood's development hell for years, any movement on a feature film version stalled beyond hope. But now an Oscar-nominated filmmaker wants to make it a miniseries.

Director Stephen Daldry has been attached to Kavalier & Clay since 2004—and actors like Jude Law, Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman were in love with the material—drawn in by the deftly told story of two cousins who create a Golden Age hero named the Escapist while navigating pre- and post-World War II New York City and enduring apocalypses and personal triumphs. And all that time hasn't dimmed his love for the book; in fact, it's just stoked his desire to take it to a small, more appropriate screen:

"I would love to do something for TV...I wanna do Kavalier & Clay on HBO as an eight-parter. It'll be so much better as a series, honestly. ... It'd go great with Boardwalk Empire."

The rights, of course, don't belong to Daldry, so he'd need the blessings of Chabon and Paramount if his HBO plan is to be anything more than a dream. But Daldry remains positive:

"Well, I spent a year working on it with Michael Chabon, so we're pretty close. And the rights, good question. Will Paramount give them to me? I don't know."

It's a big, sprawling book, and HBO would be the perfect place for it. Only time will tell.

Here, for posterity's sake, is an animation test that producer Scott Rudin commissioned to see how Kavalier & Clay's comic book material could be mated with the live-action footage:

(Collider via Slashfilm)