William Shatner: Carrie Fisher once asked me to autograph her Slave Leia picture

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Jul 9, 2018, 3:38 PM EDT

William Shatner is boldly going into grandmaster territory when it comes to sweeping both Star Trek and Star Wars fans up in his smooth social media game. Responding to Twitter fans ahead of his appearance at this weekend’s Boise Wizard World Comic Con, he calmly dropped the mic and walked away after revealing a nugget of sci-fi ephemera that’s left his followers begging for the whole story ever since.

While explaining politely (or not so politely, to hilarious effect) that he won't have time to field questions during his scheduled autograph session, Shatner was asked whether he’d ever witnessed the ultimate fan faux pas at one of his appearances: being asked to sign Star Wars memorabilia instead of fan artifacts with an actual connection to the show he was on — y’know, Star Trek.

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, said Shatner, someone has committed such a gaffe. But it wasn’t just some random, lore-confused autograph hound from the common superfan rabble; nosirree. Rather, it was a certain monumentally important member of the royal family of Alderaan. 

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Longtime Shatner fans know he’s been having good-natured fun with his ardently devoted fan base for years. Back before fan cons were actually cool, he threw hilarious shade on the eternally rabid Star Trek fan base in a 1986 Saturday Night Live bit, telling a Holiday Inn ballroom crammed with adoring Spock-eared Trekkies to “Get a life, will you, people?!”

Shatner’s always been a good sport about his status as an unmovable star in the sci-fi firmament, though, as his hundreds of appearances at fan events over the years demonstrate. Despite his jab at the fan who wanted to get a question in during this weekend’s photo signing, he actually will be fielding questions (just during the panel, not the autograph session).

Until and unless he breaks down and gives a definitive answer ahead of that event — and seriously, with all the buzz he’s generating, why would he? — we only need one guess to know what the first question’s gonna be. We just hope he comes prepared with a real answer... or else the Shat might seriously hit the fan(s) — or vice versa. Help us, Admiral James T. Kirk — you’re our only hope!