William Shatner has another idea how Kirk could appear on Star Trek: Discovery

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:11 AM EDT (Updated)

William Shatner is a man full of ideas. The Star Trek actor has portrayed Captain James T. Kirk on the small and silver screens for over five decades (and even wrote a series of novels about him, so he knows what he's talking about), and although Kirk officially died in Star Trek: Generations, the actor believes there's still some life left in the character (so to speak) worth exploring.

So, with Star Trek: Discovery currently boldly going where no Star Trek TV show has gone before on CBS All Access and this being sci-fi (with time travel, alternate timelines, and Mirror Universes), wouldn’t it be fascinating if Shatner could somehow pop up on the bridge of the starship Discovery and meet up with Spock’s adopted sister, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green)?

Back in September, The Shat talked about the possibilities of playing Kirk again and said the idea for his return would have to be “remarkable.” That or he could play his own dad. Whatever works. But he also has other ideas.

Speaking to IGN during New York Comic Con, Shatner explained what it would take to entice him to appear on the series and said, laughing: “A great deal of money.” Fair enough. “I don’t know what you’d do with a character who appeared 50, now 51 years ago. You know, I am 51 years older, with all the exigencies of age.  Are there stories to tell about an aging guy?” the Canadian actor added. 

Shatner then went on to use his friend, football legend Terry Bradshaw, as an example of what type of story could be done with Kirk, saying “Now, he’s older, his knees hurt, his back hurts. ... So here’s this aging athlete, who isn’t [what] he was in his twenties and thirties. Still carries himself grandly and has a sense of humor and all, but he’s not the athlete he was. What would Captain Kirk be like 50 years later, with the sagacity of mind, and yet the body doesn’t do what he wants it to do? I mean, it’s an interesting story.” What say you, should they make it so?

(via IGN)